Miss Melody

Lunes 14 de Noviembre de 2011 23:16
Miss Melody
Showing the influence of her life in Spain, mixed with Dutch roots, her multi-cultural view of the House scene has allowed Miss Melody to
develop into a truly fresh and groovy Tech House lover. And looking at her discography it’s easy to see why she’s one of the most frequently
booked female DJs in the Netherlands and certainly one of the most successful. Her supporters here are a big reason that she’s made an
impact on the scene for so long.
While building her career as a top female DJ, Miss Melody also
owned and managed one of Holland’s trendiest beach clubs for 15
years – Salinas. Her success with this club prompted her to take it
on the road, touring across the land with the specially developed
“Salinas on Tour” concept.
With production skills becoming increasing important, Melody has
showcased herself on some major club hits. Her most successful collaboration
with Abel Ramos resulted in an insanely groovy bouncer
of a house track, Rotterdam City of Love. Debuted in Ibiza by Roger
Sanchez, the track caught the attention of Axwell who fell in love
with it and promptly signed it to his own imprint, Axtone Records.
With such credible backing the track made a huge impact and appeared
on all the leading House compilations around the globe.
Showcasing her unique sound almost every year at the leading
Dance Valley Festival (NL), Miss Melody has also been given the
closing set honours on more than one occasion and recently she
played to a packed-out Ahoy in Rotterdam. Now splitting her time
as full-time DJ/producer and promoter, Melody has her finger on
the pulse of the biz. Outside of Dj’ing, Melody is one of the driving
forces behind the ‘I AM’ party concept which has been sold to a
Dutch television network as the next big thing in reality tv.
The summer of 2011 delivers some important highlights. First of all
there’s a collaboration between Miss Melody and Ultimate Management,
by Maurice Edelenbosch. His management will undertake all
tasks relating to label management, social media marketing, copyand
neighbouring rights and coaching of Miss Melody.
Within musical aspects Melody tries to approach a different way
of a more commercial release. Her new single Pretty Boy has got
some real nice Afrojack or David Guetta influences and will be
released in a complete package including a magnificent remix by
Bosnian dj/producer Baggi Begovic. Melody also shows her professionalism
by being the first Dutch dj presenting a special developed
dj application for tablets. This dj-app is also suitable for all types of